olympeace festival
summer 2003

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About OlymPeace

The OlymPeace program brings together children from conflict-ridden areas all over the world. For ten days, they are taught by an international group of dedicated volunteers to appreciate the grace and beauty of athletics and to communicate through artwork.

The second OlymPeace festival took place this summer in Delphi, Greece. Participants included Greek, Greek Cypriot, Turkish Cypriot, Kosovar, Serbian, Palestinian, Israeli, Russian, and French children, all of whom were in the fifth grade. Also participating were Zulu runners, who came from a school for the sight-impaired in South Africa. Despite language barriers, children of different nationalities were able to succesfully form cohesive groups with the help of youth leaders.

For more information about OlymPeace, please visit the official website at www.olympeace.net.

About This Site

This website represents my attempt to document the 2003 festival. To view the photographs, please select a section from the menu on the left. If you have any pictures that you would like to put on the site, or information you can add to individual photo captions, such as names of the individuals pictured, please contact me.


Thank you to all the people who made this event work. I cannot possibly list all of them, but it took a huge amount of effort from many individuals to achieve the results seen in these pictures. I would especially like to thank Amos for inviting me and being more organized than I will ever be, Lisa for helping me along the way, Maya for being my accomplice, Ohad for being the real photographer, and Fjolla, Vlera, Christine, Yvette, and all of their families for hosting Maya and me.

Photos and Text by Olivia Starr. Website by Rebecca Starr.
Please email Olivia with any questions, comments, or suggestions.